Sunday, November 20, 2011

Side by Side

Since I posted the other paintings yesterday I felt strongly -and this, after having compared those done with reference to those done without- that there was no good way for me, personally, to jump into something like painting without having some kind of a solid underpinnings for doing so first.  The bottom of the two images in this post I did some time ago without much premeditation, and without thought of reference.  The top of the two images I did with two separate references: my face and torso, and the other image.  I wanted to capture more of an understanding of how colors relate in reality.  One of the first challenges that popped up was that in the ink drawing, I never had to really worry about what tones were in light and which in shadow.  The result of this type of thinking was that parts of it feature tones as dark as the true shadow area all throughout the face.  This proved to complicate adapting the picture because I then had to look at my face and figure out what I was going to do about lightening the tones where they needed to be lightened, while still preserving the feel of the drawing as much as possible.  I am just going to say what has been on my mind as I've been typing: this is going to be a long road to travel.

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