Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's unimaginable now that 2D sidescrolling games could evoke the same sort of interest from the general public that they did in the 16bit era. Back then it was possible to establish a massive, Disney eclipsing franchise, such as Sonic the Hedgehog with a team of ten people. Sparkster was never really popular: the first game in the series left a mark on the gaming medium somewhat less pronounced than Bubsy, but significantly deeper than Awesome Possum. I played the second game on Sega channel and then lost track of it for years. Half a decade ago I found it in a local used game store.
I like the design of the main character because he successfully rides the "blue" motif established by Sega's popular mascot, but does so without knocking off of the design. The addition of medieval and the now-staple steampunk elements melded together in a pleasing fashion. Even if most of the low level bad-guys in the game were not interesting, the design of the villain worked well as a darker echo of the main character. What inspired me to paint this fan-art, most of all, was the music for the first level in the game: a nostalgic theme that reminded me of all the good 16bit midis that I have heard over the years.

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